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Why Outsource With Us

Your reason for considering outsourcing probably has a great deal to do with cost.  You want to save money and overhead.  Outsourcing offshore, particularly to Ukraine saves you money because our cost of living is lower than cost of living in Europe and North America.  We are therefore able to offer you our services at a much reduced cost.  But why choose us specifically?  We are a team of developers who are highly trained and have over ten years of diverse experiences to offer you.

Clearly, outsourcing has quickly become a viable option for reducing cost and overhead.  Outsourcing your software development to us allows you to focus on your core activities while receiving quality software development services from us.

Why Internal Development is not Always Viable

Companies who attempt to complete all their software development needs often find that their internal staff carries a huge backlog from year to year.  Furthermore, because your internal staff must complete all development, they are forced to develop software in languages and platforms for which they have only minimal skill.  This often results in the development of less than satisfactory software.

Because our focus is software development and database management, we are able to stay aligned with new trends associated to software and databases. All of our developers specialize in one or more platforms and are familiar with all of the other popular platforms.

Assigning a Developer to Your Project

When we assign a developer to your project, we chose the developer who specializes in the platform that will deliver the most successful result.  We are able to match the developer with the most experience and skills in the platform that your project requires.  For each of your projects, therefore, you get a dedicated professional.  The developer we choose for you have developed and supported projects very similar to your project and he has worked extensively with the platform and tool that will be used to develop your new software.

Quality and Experience at a Reduced Cost

The software development niche is extremely competitive. The internet brings many opportunities and many software development companies exist throughout the world.  Many of these companies hire developers on demand and therefore cannot truly guarantee training, skill set, quality of work or work ethic.  We do not hire on demand staff—we are developers!  The developer assigned to your project is a part of our team and we are able to vouch for his training, skills, quality of work and work ethics.

Choose us because we offer you highly trained, professional developers at a fraction of the cost of your domestic developers!

Our company and NetBid have been working together for 10 years. During this period we have worked on various projects