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How we work

At SoftRP, we aim to deliver superior solutions to meet or exceed your expectations and to provide outstanding service.  To ensure continued success, we embark on a number of strategies that have proven successful for us.

Partnership with You

We become totally engrossed in our projects and dedicate ourselves to the success of each solution.  We recognize that the systems we create are your solutions and acknowledge that no one knows your company more intimately than you do.  For this reason, we keep the lines of communications flowing between you, your key stakeholders, our consultants and our developers.  Communication is continuous throughout the entire project life cycle.  Our objective is to provide you with solutions that meet your goals.

Gather Requirements and Develop Preliminary Estimates

Before beginning your project, we meet with you and your solution sponsor to determine your expectations.  We interview stakeholders and intended solution users to elicit requirements for their use. Once we have gathered all the information from your staff, we provide you with a preliminary estimate and a supporting requirements document.

Create System Requirements and Fine Tune Estimate

Upon receipt of your review of our preliminary estimate and supporting requirements document, we make the necessary changes and fine tune the estimate.  Once approval of our final project estimate is received from you, we begin developing the solution.

Implement Solution & Perform Final Review with You

After we develop a solution, we work with you to implement a test drive of the solution. The solution is placed in a test environment and we, along with your selected stakeholders, test the solution for accuracy and deployment feasibility.  Extreme testing is done at this phase.  Defects found during testing are fixed and a new round of testing begins.

Deploy Solution in Your Environment

Once we determine that the solution is working to your satisfaction, we work with you to deploy the solution and go “live”.  That is, we roll out the solution to your day to day users.

Provide ongoing Support

Our relationship with you does not end at final roll out.  We remain with you to provide ongoing support of the solution.  We help you test the integration of the solution with your entire IT infrastructure.  We provide training for your users per your request.  Finally, we follow up with you to obtain feedback regarding your user’s interactions with the solution.  Changes and enhancements are delivered per your request.