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Projects By Category


Do you know a company that can benefit from our services?  Refer them to us.  You bring us the business and we will reward you for it.  Moreover, we will reward you throughout the life of our relationship with the business you supplied.   For every new client you refer to us, we will repay you with a percentage of the revenues received from that client.

Why do we make such a generous offer?  Appreciation and confidence!  We appreciate when you refer your associates and clients to us.  Furthermore we are confident that once your client works with us, the client will be satisfied with our services and will remain loyal customers.

Who We Are

We are a team of software and database developers located in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  We provide outsourcing services to large businesses and government structures.  We are highly trained and we each have over ten years experience developing software and database solutions. Our previous customers can attest that we are committed to excellence.  We offer our services at significantly lower rates to those of our North American and European colleagues.  And we offer equal or superior quality!

Why Refer Us

When you refer an outsourcing company, you stake your reputation on the outsourcing company’s performance.  When you refer us to your clients and associates you can rest assured that we provide exceptional service and superior products. While other outsourcing companies hire contractors as jobs are made available we provide a different strategy.  We are all developers and when your associate or client comes to us for solutions, we provide a developer from our on- staff team. We stake our reputation on our excellence!

When You Refer Us, Confidently Tell your Associates and Clients:

SoftRP has been successfully providing software and database development services for over ten years.  They are a team of developers who use the latest technologies available and are comfortable in many platforms.

The services SoftRP provide include:

  • Website development & internet solutions
  • Website design
  • Intranet solutions
  • Software development on Windows, MAC and Linux platforms
  • Mobile programming with Windows Mobile, Apple and Android tools
  • Support of existing IT systems
  • IT consulting

There are several ways to refer your clients and associates to us.  You may please complete the client referral form, email us at support@softrp.net or give us a call.

We look forward to doing business with you.