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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are glad you have chosen to visit us.  At SoftRP, we are aware that you have choices and are determined to show you why we are the superlative outsourcing company.  We are ready to meet your software development, web development, database management and IT consulting needs.

Our Location

SoftRP is located in Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkiv.  Kharkiv is a major cultural, industrial, transport and scientific center of Ukraine and offers the largest wealth of higher education and research centers in Eastern Europe – boasting 13 national universities and an abundant array of technical and professional higher education establishments.

Our Mission

Founded in 2000, SoftRP offers Outsourcing for software development, web development and database management. Additionally, we offer IT consulting and support to large companies and government entities.  We are experienced on a variety of platforms and can create new solutions or support your existing IT infrastructures.

What we Offer

Our teams of expert developers are knowledgeable about and adept in using the various software, web and database development tools.  Examples of our experience include:

  • Web developers:   extensively trained and have experience using tools such as PHP to build dynamic web pages
  • Software developers:   use Software Development Life Cycle methodologies to ensure the development of a superior system that meets or exceeds your company’s needs
  • Database developers: experienced in creating and manipulating databases on many platforms – including MySQL, and Oracle – to meet your database management needs.

Our Experience & Service

At SoftRP, our highly trained staff of developers, administrators and consultants takes great strides to ensure that we deliver exceptional solutions in web development, database management and IT Consulting.  Through the use of innovative ideas and relevant and new technologies, our staff provides our clients with proposals for solutions that add efficiency to the client’s day to day activities – minimizing deficiencies while maximizing existing or new resources.

With over ten years of experience, our staff members develop astute estimates based on sound analysis of your requirements and your current IT environment.  We take the time to get to know your company and to understand your company’s needs so that our estimates are based on sound judgment and not desultory guesses.

Plan for Success

Because we believe that thorough planning is crucial to a project’s success, we develop project plans that detail every step of the development and implementation of your new solution.  This includes meeting with you and your key stakeholders to explain and discuss the solution.  Our plan for success includes the following action strategies:

  • Help you define stakeholders and determine their role in the success of the project.
  • Assist you in developing a solid project scope
  • Develop project deliverables that meet your approval
  • Create project baseline management plans to track and manage variances.